Campus Map Illustrated

An illustration of a community college campus map. It consists of twelve buildings and was created in Adobe Illustrator.

Visual Communications, Photography and Art

I’m a professional designer with over ten years of experience. I’ve always enjoyed art and being creative and love both print and web design. I use this site as a place to display my artwork and as a testing ground to keep up with the latest trends in web design.

This is the sixth major version of my website. Have a look around – I hope you like what you see.


Wi-Fi Poster


An assortment of print and web design projects. The pieces shown are only a small sampling of my total print and web design body of work.

Delaware Breakwater Lighthouse


The gratification of capturing an image and a unique moment in time is something I’ve always been amazed by. I hope to be adding to this section often.

Jellyfish Watercolor


I’ve always loved art. Traditional watercolor and acrylic paintings, as well as, digitally painted images created with the assistance of a computer and Wacom tablet.